Chapter 9 Marshal Palace

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
After Doris left, Brooklyn Zuo sensed the situation in his body. Just after the battle, he had almost used up his GY Power in the battle with the Jiang Clan's guard.

However, at this moment, because of the existence of the mysterious jade, the power in his body was in a state of self-recovery.

"It's time to go back and prepare, and then tell auntie the good news." Brooklyn murmured.

Back to the courtyard, Brooklyn saw Eric push the wheelchair of his aunt and wait in the yard.

"Auntie, I'm back." Brooklyn walked to them with a gleam shining in his eyes.

In nine days, Brooklyn had grown too much. From an ordinary person who hadn't awakened to a warrior who had the strength of the Second Period of Attentive Realm, everything had undergone a tremendous change.

"Did you get the qualification?" The woman in the wheelchair said.

Brooklyn suddenly burst into laughter. He had never been so excited before. "Auntie, I made it. I'm qualified. Tomorrow we'll go to Marshal Palace with Doris."

As Brooklyn spoke, the two of them smiled with relief.

Eric ran up to Brooklyn and hugged him. "I knew you could do it, bro! Kris Jiang and Kelly Wang are trash compared to you! "

On the contrary, the aunt in the wheelchair was much calmer. She just sat there quietly and smiled at them in front of her.

At this moment, Eric was a little bit sad. "Bro, are you leaving tomorrow?"

Seeing the expression on Eric's face, Brooklyn patted him on the shoulder. "Eric, I will eventually leave the Star Sect. That's our life. There is still a long way in the future. After I leave, you have to cultivate in the Star Sect. With your four marks, you will be able to break through your inner meridians and become stronger. I think we will meet again soon. "

Eric was stunned and asked, "will we meet again?"

"Why not? Eric, have you forgotten your talent? You are different from me. As long as you try your best to open up the closed acupuncture points in your body, you can have a complete cultivation talent. At that time, you also can enter the Marshal Palace! "Brooklyn looked at Eric with encouragement.

In fact, in terms of talent, few people in the Star Sect could compare with Eric. There were four GY Marks in Eric's body, which were no worse than the top masters in the Star Sect.

Unfortunately, there were two meridians in Eric's body that were blocked, which led to his slow progress in cultivation. Now he was only at the Second Period of Attentive Realm.

But it was not a big deal. As long as Eric could work hard to refine his body, he could completely open up the blocked meridians in his body one day.

Brooklyn was about to leave; he looked at Eric, who played with him for many years. Brooklyn was also unwilling to leave. However, he couldn't protect Eric all the time, so Brooklyn encouraged him.

"Don't worry, bro. After you leave, I will refine my body every day. One day, I will also go to Marshal Palace!" Eric said firmly.


Then, Brooklyn began to pack up his things. Except for a few clothes, the other thing was Brooklyn's nine-inch Sabre, which had been used for a long time.

Brooklyn didn't sleep for almost the whole night. In the early morning, Brooklyn and his aunt went to find Doris Long. Under the gaze of Eric and many disciples of the Star Sect, they stepped on the road to Marshal Palace.

Marshal Palace was located in the middle of the Holy Sky Empire and in the Air Mount.

Although it was located in the Holy Sky Empire, it was not affected by the Empire. On the contrary, the Empire would show respect to Martial Palace.

The Marshal Palace was about thirty thousand miles away from the Star Sect. Fortunately, the Rune Array could help them arrive in half an hour.

Standing in the space channel built by the Rune, they were in a good mood and chatted with each other.

Doris told some rules about the Marshal Palace to Brooklyn. "After the new disciples join the Marshal Palace, there will be a trial. During the trial, they will hunt beasts to get the Bestial Crystal or look for all kinds of spiritual herbs, elixirs, ores, and other materials. They can hand these materials to the sect and changed it into Contribution Degrees. The Contribution Degree was equivalent to the currency of the Flame Sect. As long as your Contribution Degree is enough, you can exchange for various GY Moves, magic pills, Runes, weapons, and so on in the sect. "

"Exchange?" Brooklyn looked at Doris.

"Isn't it too troublesome to exchange materials for degree and then for other treasures? "Brooklyn continued.

Doris glared at Brooklyn and said, "Are you stupid? Why can't you understand? The Marshal Palace was a magnificent palace with unimaginable resources and invaluable treasures. For example, if you need to exchange for the blood essence of a Ninth Stage Beast, how can you use the material to exchange it? Can you find a treasure of the same value to exchange? "

"Uh... It seems that I have made a mistake. "Brooklyn smiled awkwardly.

Then Brooklyn figured it out. Normally, when a disciple got all kinds of materials, he could exchange them for Contribution Degree. As time went by, when the Contribution Degree was extremely rich, he would naturally exchange them for a top-grade treasure at one time.

"In fact, the first trial for new disciples is actually a kind of benefit. It's not dangerous during the trial. As long as you get the materials, you can exchange for Contribution Degrees. But in the future, it will be more difficult to get Contribution Degree. Generally, you can get Contribution Degree by doing all kinds of missions of the sect. "Doris spoke frankly.

"In the Marshal Palace. I'm going to find my master to cultivate. So I probably won't take part in the trial for new disciples, but I can recommend you to take part in the trial for me. And everything you get in the trail will belong to you! "

"Thank you, Sister Long." Brooklyn agreed with a smile, pretending to be careless.

He understood why Doris was so "kind" to him. It was an investment. Doris had a long-term vision. She could see that Brooklyn was a little extraordinary. She probably understood that Brooklyn couldn't be willing to be a subordinate all the time.

The two of them talked. Time passed quickly. In the end, the entire space channel suddenly vibrated, and an extremely vast scene appeared in front of them.

Clouds covered the sky, and the earth was boundless. At a glance, the endless mountains and rivers were covered by dense light, which was too spectacular.

"Have we arrived? Marshal Palace? "Brooklyn murmured.

Carefully holding his aunt's wheelchair, he took her out of the transmission array. Brooklyn sensed this place, nodded slightly, and his eyes were slightly bright. "The endless land is covered by a Rune spiritual Energy Gathering Array. It's really one of the top forces in the Empire. "

"What? Can you sense the Rune Array here? "Doris looked at Brooklyn in surprise. She suddenly realized that she couldn't see through her new subordinate.

Rune cultivation was a completely different way from the warrior's cultivation.

Some experts on Rune could carve out all kinds of Runes, add them to weapons, armors, and so on to make their attributes stronger.

Besides, Rune had many magical uses. There were more than tens of thousands of GY Warriors in the world, but very few people had attainments in the field of Rune. Any Rune-master would be welcomed in this world.

Although Brooklyn's cultivation talent was not as good as her, it was not bad. If he had some talent in Rune, he would be extraordinary and more valuable in the future.

"Haha, is it difficult to sense the Rune array here?" Brooklyn smiled, but a hint of sadness flashed across his eyes.

Back then, he was not only a talent in cultivation but also had an excellent understanding of Rune. Even at the age of five, Brooklyn was able to draw some simple Rune by himself.

Unfortunately, he was destroyed by others, and even Brooklyn's talent and comprehension for Rune were weakened a lot. Now, Brooklyn had a direction to recover his talent for cultivation, but it was too difficult to recover his talent for Rune.

In front of them, there was a wide passage. It swayed up and entered the mist. This way went straight to the top of the mountain. The Marshal Palace was built on the top of the Air Mount.

In the way, many young people came to the Marshal Palace like Brooklyn. They were also full of ambition and curiosity. These young people were all new disciples from the other places of Empire.

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