Chapter 3 Anger

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
"Brooklyn, Kris is the lord of the Jiang family. The Jiang family is omnipotent in Dragon City. Why do you want to fight with such a person?" Eric said.

"Kris? Lord?" Brooklyn sneered, "I can't stand him anymore. Kris bullied me for a long time. This time, seeing that there is a chance for him be Doris' subordinate, he feels confident. So he wants to ruin me! "

Meanwhile, Brooklyn's eyes suddenly burst into an unprecedented light, which was extremely cold. "Doris wants to select a follower, but she not to appoint Kris. It's still uncertain whether he will be qualified or not. "

"But Kris is very powerful. And that the Jiang clan has found a Blood Herb for Kris in the past two days. With the help of the Blood Herb, he could reach the Fourth Period of Attentive Realm. By then, nobody can compete with him." Eric said worriedly.

"Forth Period of Attentive Realm? Attentive Realm was just the initial stage of cultivation, so it was still for refining GY Blood. There was no difference between the third Period and the fourth Period! So what are you afraid of? "Brooklyn took a deep breath and said, "this qualification is mine, Brooklyn!"

Eric's words reminded Brooklyn. Everyone wanted to go to Marshal Palace. He hadn't thought about it before because he couldn't awaken.

But now, it was different. It was no longer difficult for Brooklyn to awaken after he recovered his physical body. If he could awaken in the next nine days, Kris would just be trash in front of him!

Brooklyn was an ambiguous person, so he didn't want to stay in this Star Sect forever! If he could enter a great force like the Marshal Palace, he would have countless opportunities to find a way to recover his aunt's legs, and he would also have a better place for cultivation.

He waved his hand to stop Eric from persuading him. Brooklyn suddenly crooked his finger at Eric and said, "Eric, fight with me."

"Okay!" Eric nodded. Normally, he was the sparring partner of Brooklyn.

As soon as Brooklyn stepped out, a dull sound appeared on the ground. He concentrated his GY Blood. In the next moment, he waved his right fist and rushed to Eric.

Eric folded his arms to defend. However, just then, his fat body trembled, and he took more than ten steps back, falling directly to the ground.

"It's impossible?" Eric was stunned, "normally, I can resist at least three punches in a row."

"Nothing is impossible, Eric. My body has recovered to its peak state, and my strength has increased by more than 300 pounds. Next, I will start to awaken, and then, I'll teach a lesson for Kris. "Brooklyn smiled and pulled up Eric.

"Haha, congratulation, bro!" Eric smiled innocently. He was not good at flattering, but he was also happy.

"Eric, the sect will give us a Dragon Elixir every half a year. It's time to get it for the second half of the year, right?" Said Brooklyn.

Although he now had a chance to awaken, he could not guarantee that he would succeed at once. However, if he had the Dragon Elixir, he would be able to improve his GY Blood to the peak state in the shortest time, and he would have a greater chance of awakening.

"Yeah, we can get it now." Eric nodded and said, "Brooklyn, if you need my Dragon Elixir, just take it."

"No, thanks. Keep your Dragon Elixir!"

Brooklyn waved his hand. He could accept the help of Eric in daily life, but he couldn't use the cultivation resources that belonged to his bro!

After pushing the aunt into the room for a rest, Brooklyn left the yard with Eric and walked to the Elixir Tower.

It was rare for Brooklyn to come to the Elixir Tower because normally, he had nothing to do. Ordinary disciples like him didn't have enough money to buy extra pills.

However, this time was different. The Dragon Elixir was the reward for each disciple in the Star Sect, so he could receive it. It was important to Brooklyn, which was related to his perfect awakening.

"Elder Li, I'm here for my Dragon Elixir." Brooklyn stepped into the Elixir Tower and said.

"Dragon Elixir?" An old man raised his head behind the table.

He handed the Dragon Elixir, which belonged to Eric, to Eric. When he saw Brooklyn, Elder Li said coldly, "your Dragon Elixir has been taken away. You can leave now. "

What? The Dragon Elixir was taken away?

For a moment, Brooklyn frowned and said, "Elder Li is there any mistake?"

The sect would reward each disciple with the same pill, and each disciple would come to receive it.

"Are you doubting my fairness? Go back. Your Dragon Elixir is indeed taken away. "Elder Li looked at Brooklyn sullenly.

Brooklyn was furious. The Dragon Elixir was an important part of his awakening.

"No one is qualified to take the Dragon Elixir unless the disciple comes in person. Elder Li, are you against the rules of the sect? "Brooklyn stared at Elder Li.

"Rules? You're just a loser who hasn't awakened yet. Dragon Elixir is valuable to other disciples but useless to you. So I reward it to other potential disciples. If you want it, you can find Kris and get your Dragon Elixir back. "Elder Li sneered. He didn't take Brooklyn's questioning seriously at all.

Elder Li was one of the nine elders, and his daily task was guarding the Elixir Tower; he enjoyed a high position in the sect. In the face of a useless disciple like Brooklyn who couldn't even awaken, he wouldn't care about him at all.

"A potential disciple? "

Brooklyn turned around and left on the spot. However, after taking a few steps, he suddenly turned around and said, "I hope Elder Li won't regret it."

"Kris, I'll kill you!" Stepping out of the Elixir Tower, Brooklyn clenched his fists and shouted.

Nine days later, when the leader's daughter Doris Long came, many disciples would fight with Kris for the qualification. But now, the anger in Brooklyn had spread completely.

"Nine days are so long! I can't wait."

"I want to awaken right now. Only when I awaken successfully, step into the Attentive Realm I can become a real GY Warrior! Therefore, I can crush Kris. "The faith in Brooklyn was extremely strong.

"Brooklyn, take this Dragon Elixir to practice." At this moment, Eric took out his Dragon Elixir.

"Put it away, Eric. I appreciate your kindness. The Dragon Elixir is just an auxiliary pill that can help me awaken faster. Even without the Dragon Elixir, I can awaken in two days at most. "Brooklyn pushed Eric's arm away and shook his head. He knew that Eric was an orphan, and it was not easy for him to practice.

"Take it to practice. The Dragon Elixir is more valuable to you, "Eric was determined this time.

This time, a few disciples behind them came over. When they saw Brooklyn, they sneered, "Hey, loser!"

"Haha, do you want to get the Dragon Elixir? Isn't it a waste of resources? "Someone sneered.

Hearing the voice, Brooklyn and Eric turned their heads at the same time and saw four disciples walking towards them from the Elixir Tower.

Brooklyn was not unfamiliar with these four people. Just like Kris, they were also disciples of the Jiang clan in Dragon City, and one of them was Lucas, the brother of Kris.

Normally, Brooklyn would avoid those disciples in Dragon City, but he didn't want to avoid them today.

"Eric, I don't need your Dragon Elixir." Brooklyn suddenly grinned.

"What do you mean?" Eric asked, with his eyes wide open.

"Robbery," Brooklyn said indifferently.

The next moment, he took a sudden step forward and blocked the four people in front of him. He muttered, "are you a disciple of the Jiang clan? Well, I'll start with you first. "

Looking at one of them, Brooklyn said coldly, "Lucas, you are so fearless and overconfident. Do you really think you can be domineering in the sect with the help of the Jiang clan? Today, you need to hand over your Dragon Elixir. Otherwise, I'll cut a finger of you. "

Seeing the gesture of Brooklyn, the four disciples of the Jiang clan looked at each other and immediately burst into laughter. Lucas said, "did I hear it wrong? Dragon Elixir? Are you crazy about the Dragon Elixir? I think you'd better think about how to resist my brother's suppression. "

"You have a strong body, but after all, you are an ordinary person. Do you want to fight with us at this time? Haha... "Another man sneered.

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