Chapter 14 Robbery is a Good Idea

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
"Is it the Bestial Crystal of Miracle Dragon?"

Someone saw the thing in Brooklyn Zuo's hand, and then the terrifying light burst out from his eyes instantly.

It's a Second Stage Beast Crystal. It could be exchanged for a large number of Contribution Degrees.

On the eighth day, many people began to fight with each other, plundering resources and treasures. At this moment, looking at the Second Stage Beast Crystal in Brooklyn's hand, no one could suppress their covetousness.

At this moment, a man suddenly stepped out of the crowd and quickly approached Brooklyn. "Hand over the Bestial Crystal."

The man's eyes were full of warnings. He stared coldly at Brooklyn. A strong aura spread from him. His strength had at least stepped into the Third Period of Attentive Realm.

"Do you want me to hand over the Bestial Crystal?"

Meanwhile, Brooklyn slapped in his face.

This scene attracted everyone's attention. Many people sneered and looked at Brooklyn with unfriendly eyes.

However, the next scene caused everyone shocked. They were also at the Third Period of the Attentive Realm. However, the gap between this person and Brooklyn was too large. In less than ten moves, he was directly knocked to the ground by Brooklyn.

"If you don't want me to cut off your hand, take off the Space Ring and give it to me." Brooklyn looked at him, calmly.


A moment later, Brooklyn threw the empty ring back and said, "thank you."

Inside his Space Ring, there were many first grade Beast Crystals and many herbs, but they were all taken away by Brooklyn.

If someone wanted to rob Brooklyn, he had to be prepared to be robbed by Brooklyn.

"Good idea!" Brooklyn was overjoyed. This person's space ring was enough for him to exchange for nearly a thousand Contribution Degree.

Many people stared at Brooklyn, completely stunned. Isn't Brooklyn only at the Second Period of Attentive Realm level? How could he break through to the Third Period of Attentive Realm in such a short time?

"Ira Wang, you are too careless. Although Brooklyn had entered the Third Period of Attentive Realm, he was not very powerful! His physical body was almost comparable to some ordinary Divine Physique, so it's dangerous to close him!" A group of people stood in the distance. The leading one said in a low voice and took a step forward.

"Another Contribution Degree?"

Brooklyn was surprised with a big smile on his face. He had planned to wait for someone, but he didn't expect to attract such an idiot who offered benefits voluntarily?

This person looked arrogant, but in fact, he was not much stronger than Ira. In the end, he was still beaten by Brooklyn, leaving a pile of materials.

After defeating two people in a row, Brooklyn stood there with a smile and looked around, as if waiting for the next challenger.

"This guy is a little weird. Judging from his strength, he is only at the Third Period of Attentive Realm. How could he be so terrifying when fighting?" Someone was scared and quietly suppressed the greed in his heart.

"Hey, bro, I have a question for you."

Brooklyn walked up to a new disciple and asked, "how much Contribution Degrees can a Second Stage Beast Crystal exchange for?"

"Five hundred. If it is the crystal core of a special beast, it can be exchanged for six hundred contribution degrees. "The new disciple said.

"Thank you."

Brooklyn nodded and casually threw two First Stage Bestial Crystal to the latter as a reward. Then he turned around and left, muttering.

"Not bad. The six Second Stage Beast Crystals can be exchanged for three thousand Contribution Degrees. With other things, I can get five thousand Contribution Degrees. "


"Six Second Stage Bestial Crystals? Five thousand Contribution Degrees? "

On purpose, many people here clearly heard what Brooklyn said. They were all stunned.

They worked hard to find some Bestial Crystals and herbs, but they could only exchange for about 1000 Contribution Degrees. But what Brooklyn had was worth at least five thousand Contribution Degrees!

Looking at the back of Brooklyn, they didn't believe that a follower of others could get more than 5000 Contribution Degrees in the trial!

This guy must have got the treasures left by the previous disciples. Otherwise, with the strength of the Third Period of Attentive Realm, it was impossible for him to get so many Second Stage Beast Crystals.

Suddenly, some people stared at the back of Brooklyn and secretly wrote down his direction.

About a quarter after Brooklyn left, some disciples at the Fourth Period of Attentive Realm followed in the direction of Brooklyn's departure.

Not long after, another new disciple in black inquired about the direction and also disappeared in that way.

Deep in the forest, Brooklyn suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the two disciples who followed him. A strange smile appeared on his face.

"Seniors, don't hit me. I'll give you two Bestial Crystals." Brooklyn smiled and handed over the crystals.

However, the two sneered and said. "Do you think we are stupid? We know you have many treasures!"

With the sound, the two of them rushed forward. Obviously, they were going to defeat Brooklyn and grab everything.

"Brat, don't show off your wealth or show off your strength." One of them said, reaching out his right hand to Brooklyn.

At this moment, Brooklyn punched out, and terrible energy exploded in an instant. His GY Blood mixed with the GY Power gushed out.

Brooklyn would not show mercy. He knew that since the two men were determined to chase after him, they were not good guys.

Soon, two people were lying in front of Brooklyn. They were shocked and unwilling.

It's impossible! This guy was only at the Third Period of Attentive Realm. But, even if they joined hands, they were unable to suppress Brooklyn.

They felt as if their chests and shoulders were about to explode. The pain spread throughout their bodies. If they continued to fight, they would be disabled.

"Brooklyn, we're wrong. We'll be fellow disciples from now on, and we need to help each other. Can you let us go today? We are willing to give you ten First Grade breast crystals, "The two of them smiled awkwardly. Although they had cursed Brooklyn ten thousand times in their hearts, they dared not show it on their faces.

"Just ten crystals. Are you sure?"

Brooklyn said in a cold voice, "hand over all the materials. If you dare to leave any resources, I'll break your legs!"

"You are so greedy!" The two were shocked.

"Greedy? Compared with your two just now, I'm not greedy enough." Brooklyn stretched his muscles and clenched his fists.

Looking at Brooklyn, they could only admit that they were unlucky and had no choice but to give up all their materials.

There were piles of Bestial Crystals, herbs, ores, and so on.

"Fuck off!"

Brooklyn waved his hand and beat them.

Brooklyn calculated that although these extra materials were not very valuable, they could be exchanged for at least more than 3000 Contribution Degrees in total.

"Why hasn't that guy come yet?"

Brooklyn looked ahead. There was a faint coldness in his eyes.

"You are so lucky that you escaped last time."

Suddenly, Brooklyn heard a playful voice. Accompanied by a black robe, a slender figure appeared in front of Brooklyn.

"Relying on the strength of your physical body, you have beaten a few trashes at the Fourth Period of Attentive Realm. Do you think you are qualified to be arrogant in the Proving Ground?"

"Greg Xiao!"

Brooklyn said.

Brooklyn knew that Greg would definitely find him after Greg got his information.

At this moment, he was no longer relaxed. Instead, his body was tightened, and his GY Power vibrated secretly.

"What did Matt Bai give you?" Staring at him for a moment, Brooklyn suddenly spoke.

Instead of answering Brooklyn's question directly, he said in a deep voice, "as a follower of others, it's not wrong to keep a low profile. Maybe you can become an official disciple in the future. In Marshal Palace, there are too many hidden rules."

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